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Why Google Analystics Doesn’t show visitors even you get clicks?

Why Google Analystics Doesn’t show visitors even you get clicks? Google Analystics is an unique efficient tool to check landing visitors on our website however, sometimes Google Analystics doesn’t show visitors even you get clicks from different search engines or different PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad networks. In order to fix the issue, all your need is to check the settings of your Analystics account instead to focus on other issues. Following things you may need to consider to recover yourself from it as –

  1. If you are using plugin of analystics in your wordpress, drupal, joomla, osCmax, shopify or any other CMS platform then, add tracking id as well as with it, it will be better to add tracking code in your website’s head section. You need to verify that the code must be executed whenever each page of your website loaded. You can do code debugging for it.
  2. Your account must be setup correctly before to apply it with your website. It means you need to double verify the website URL which you are going to track.
  3. It will be better to add with your plugin or account, all the four different URLs of your single website as for example –

It helps to track each domain of your single website more carefully. You  can also set this setting with your different search engines webmaster tools or we can say search consoles for better indexing. Yes, You will be able to do proper submissions whenever you create a new page or update a page for better indexing in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu or any other search engines.

  1. If your issue is still not fix then, you may go further to consult with your PPC networks like Google Adwords team for it or you can hire an technical marketing agency who will charge a very little fee but, your issue will be fixed for permanent and you will also get the proper idea regarding the issue so that you will be able to fix it in future by your side.

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