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Where Tech is at on Consumer Level Boards

The efficiency of technology is constantly increasing tenfold. Lives are on the line when we use these technologic applications deep in the ocean or when out in space. A failure in the technology could mean life or death. A simple method technology has produced is to format a reliable SBC. An SBC (single board computer) has the entire circuit path on one board. By putting everything together we get a board that is less likely to fail. It’s a given that these SBC’s have improved over time as their first application was in 1976. Now it is common for the hobbyist to make homemade inventions with these SBCs. The applications are limited to the imagination, it’s even possible to use SBC’s for gaming.

The web is littered with information on the SBC. There are tons of resources for learning to use these handy boards. Although it isn’t a large market there are different brands of SBC. There is the currently reigning champ of SBCs, the Raspberry Pi. Popular with educators is the Arduino. Depending on the individual’s needs, whether its power or efficiency the options are considerable. The market also offers the high processing power of single board computers with Intel.

Anyone might be interested in messing with one of these pocket-sized boards. There are articles of educators doing special projects with their students to insight a deeper understanding of any particular subject. This article mentions a man who utilized a board with a weather balloon to take pictures from near space. The article goes into further deeper detail about the Raspberry Pi. The applications of the SBC exist also in 3D printing, STEM fields, and robotics. It’s possible to even automate the watering and monitoring of a gardening.

Everyone remembers playing the old arcade games. AT the consumer level, SBC’s tinkers have made their own classic gaming devices. The tinkers have even gone so far as to make tutorials online for the materials and software that would be needed to make a hackable gaming device. A fun, rewarding way to dive into the field of computers while bringing life to some old games that were once a huge part of the gaming culture.

The modern-day SBC can be found anywhere. It’s likely the majority of us come into contact with these devices more often than we’d think. It’s important for the mind to stay curious and hope that the field of SBCs continues to expand, in order to create new inventions that make living a little easier. The many applications make learning the SBC an empowering endeavor for anybody who wants to get a better grasp on where the world is at today. It would be wise to learn in the direction of completing a project, whether it’s a game, or education, knowing what you want to make is the biggest part in getting started. Deciding that can also be the hardest part. Through this link, you’ll find another source of inspiration that could be the idea that kicks you off on this path.

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