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What Is The Future Of Construction Technology?

It is now an excellent time for the construction industry. Though previously hesitate to embrace technological changes, labor shortages and economic downturns are forcing building contractors to look for new ways to improve productivity.

Investors don’t miss this trend and pay particular attention to these opportunities. Seeing the current industry as ready for disruption, tech companies have been developing a variety of hardware and software tools to meet increasing construction demands.

Here are the top three technology trends that every contractor should keep an eye on in 2019.

  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a disruptive technology which has the power to change the construction industry. In simple words, it is a system of physical devices which are embedded with network connectivity and sensors to enable those objects to link and exchange information. The data collected is then analyzed to make future decisions.

In the construction industry, this technology is being applied in many tasks such as supply replenishment, remote monitoring and operation, equipment repair and servicing, and construction tool tracking. This technology is being used across the construction industry, and engineers will be embedding devices into construction equipment like safety cones, stop lights, and stop signs.

The critical award for the building field is the “big data” – the power to develop and perfect the constructed environment which we build and run by having a trend-level, aggregate perspective of how it is working. Such information might be collected from a construction management system or sensor nodes connected within assets.

For the coming years, the IoT would have a significant influence on how we build all infrastructure and buildings by resulting in more responsive and efficient cities as well as an enhanced built environment. As a result, it will impact our quality of life and the growth of the whole societies.

  1. UAVs

The rise of UAVs, also known as drones, in the building field is undoubtedly one of the hottest tech trends. These units are being used for progress reporting, safety, and health inspections, and most-commonly in site surveying.

Also, they can capture precise data on a large area of land in a short time, access possibly hazardous locations easily, as well as keep surveyors safe. It is no doubt that the construction industry will be the most critical user of drones in the future.

However, the regulation of drones remains a hot topic since the emergences of advanced technologies usually pull ahead of the legislation and enforcement. Also, the availability of these units to a mass market and relatively high costs can worse the issue.

  1. Exoskeletons

Exoskeletons are a high technology which has long been praised for its capability to enhance the efficiency of the construction industry. Just like the two tech trends above, they would sound like something from science fiction rather than a viable real-world invention.

However, these mechanical suits are increasingly becoming a real-life application. They can be worn outside your clothing to aid in lifting massive supplies, machinery, and equipment.

Designed to help humans overcome any physical weaknesses, exoskeletons would help construction workers with daily repetitive and mundane, thus ensuring better health and combating conditions like hand-arm vibration or arthritis.

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