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Web Hosting Services: Signs You Need to Upgrade Them

If you are using shared hosting and your website starts growing, then it’s the time to improve your web hosting resources also. However, how do you know it’s time to upgrade your web hosting services?

Here are some signs to help you gauge if you have outgrown your web hosting resources.

  1. Peak hours and slow speed

Businesses often plan special activities during festivals or weekends. Imagine a slow loading website at such a critical time for your business. How disappointed your customers will be?

A shared server causes speed issues as the RAM and CPU are distributed among all sites and users that are on the same server. Whereas, with a VPS or a dedicated, you get your separate resources. Also, a VPS server you get dedicated RAM, the greater bandwidth and powerful processor.

VPS hosting allows you to customise your resources as per your website needs. Thus, a VPS is a remedy for any speed related issues of your website.

  1. A sudden spike in traffic

Isn’t that you want? Increased traffic on your website is undoubtedly the reason for you to be happy, but if you are not prepared for it, then it can be a problematic situation. A shared hosting plan may be adequate for average traffic which is under 10,000 visitors per day. But, if you have more visitors than this, it will be a smart decision to upgrade your plans to a dedicated server or VPS hosting.

  1. Customisation needs

A shared hosting server has everything set up on their servers. Any site that you host on this server needs to adopt this environment, and customisations can’t be done. The reason is apparent; several sites are hosted on a single server. Hence, you can hardly install any apps or do any customisations.

If you are facing any scenario similar to this, you know it’s time to upgrade to a more controlled setting. With VPS hosting or dedicated server, you get admin level control of your server, and some other modifications are possible.

  1. Limited security features

A surge in your website traffic is related to the need to install advanced security standards. More visitors means more market revenue, which means more online transactions and hence, more possibilities of data getting stolen. With shared hosting, there is a higher probability of your website getting hacked.

Most of the VPS hosting plans have in-built security that safeguards your website from any web criminals. Some web hosting services have multiple layers of security to protect from any attackers.

Your website is the centre of your business and to make it run seamlessly; you need to ensure that your hosting plan is adequate. Not every website needs VPS hosting or a dedicated server, but when you outgrow your current plan, the reason is apparent. Finally, a dedicated or a VPS server is certainly more customisable and powerful than any other web hosting solution as it also gives you more control over the server.

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