Tips for Building a Chatbot for Your Brand

More businesses are using chatbots to develop their brands as other businesses are reaping massive benefits from their use. By the end of the decade almost every business with an online presence will need a chatbot like those from Convertobot.

The following are some of the tips you should keep in mind when designing or ordering your chatbot:

  1. Focus on Return on Investment (ROI)

When choosing a chatbot, you should choose one with a high Return on Investment and preferably on with returns which you see sooner rather than later.

As far as customer service is concerned, ROI will be delivered through savings on customer service. The biggest cost of customer service is the salaries paid to live agents. Using a chatbot you can save as much as 30% according to IBM research. Such cost savings are significant especially for large firms with millions of dollars in revenue.

Increased sales with less marketing are the holy grail of business. With chatbots, you can customize marketing efforts so that you spend less in advertising as opposed to typical mass marketing campaigns.

Keeping employees engaged is a problem for every business. When you use chatbots employee engagement is no longer an issue since chatbots cannot be distracted or tired. They serve customers whenever they are needed. Chatbots can also be integrated with existing business systems so that they employees can be more efficient

All the above savings are bound to increase your ROI significantly but to varying degrees. Moreover, the return time frame will also depend on how you implement your chatbot.

  1. Start Small

Unlike an app which has a limited amount of actions a user can take depending on the app’s programming, chatbots have a limitless amount of requests that a user can make.

To build a good chatbot, you need to evaluate your business and come up with one thing you need your chatbot to do really well. Once you decide what that function is, you can develop your chatbot around it adding features as you proceed.

Trying to design your chatbot do to as much as possible from the outset is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Information Is Paramount

Data is the key to the proper functioning of any chatbot. As soon as your chatbot engages a user, it should collect as much information about the user and their needs.

To get pertinent information, you need to ask pertinent questions. Therefore, when designing your chatbot, you should ensure that you ask questions that will make the user want to answer and willingly offer information as opposed to you asking for it.

  1. Build a Relationship

A meaningful relationship based on trust is the key to a successful chatbot. You need to design your chatbot to learn about each customer with each interaction.

Your bot will then present personalized content to the user and improve their experience on your site. You can only do so if you have an intimate relationship with your customer and you know much about them.

Conversations with your bot are the key to attaining information and building trust. You should keep this in mind when designing your chatbot.

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