The Photostick: A Review

ThePhotoStick might become your next best friend if you are one of the millions who have let their photo and video content run array on their devices. It’s no secret that digital photography has made photographers of us all and that almost everyone now has the capability of taking as many pictures as they want. Gone are the days when a dedicated camera is the key to a hobby in photography. That’s good news all around, except for when you have thousands of digital files on your device and no time to actually sift through them all. ThePhotoStick seeks to alleviate that stress for you.

 How does it work?

ThePhotoStick works much in the same way a traditional flash drive might. The USB plugs into just about any device and the pre-loaded software makes searching, backing up, and managing photo-video content a breeze. All that is required on the end of the user is to insert ThePhotoStick and go through the on-screen wizard that the device provides.

Once everything is setup and running you can expect to save nearly 3.5 thousand HD photos on The PhotoStick. Of course, that’s just for the 8-gig model. Should you need additional space there are also different sizes available, including 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. That last one is especially popular for those doing a lot of mobile video shooting. For some, 128 GB isn’t even enough and that’s where the 1TB option comes in. For the everyday user we think that either the base model (8 GB) or the step above (32 GB) should suffice.

Device Compatibility

One area where ThePhotoStick shines in how versatile it is. There is a product designed for nearly every device imaginable. Whether you are an Android user or tend towards iOS, you can buy a ThePhotoStick that has been set up to work with your device perfectly. PhotoSticks built for mobile have different variations of USB connectors, as well, making them well suited to a range of scenarios.

File Formats

We’ve read a PhotoStick review or two claiming that ThePhotoStick doesn’t find many file types, but we’d beg to differ. In our tests, ThePhotoStick did a solid job at finding image and video content from a wide range of standard file formats. So long as your image and video formats are viewable on a standard computer, ThePhotoStick will be able to hunt them down and back them up.

Final Thoughts

If you need what this product provides, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily the Photostick can make the process of finding, backing up, and organizing all your digital photo-video content. You never have to download any software to your device and the complete operation is surprisingly fast. The ability to use a ThePhotoStick that has been tailored to your individual needs is yet another aspect of this innovative product that we like quite a bit. The only downside is that if you have a variety of devices, you’ll have to purchase multiple photosticks.

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