The latest in Remote/Cloud Call Centre Software

With the rest of the world moving online, the field of CX was never to be left far behind. However, this transition was not easy for anyone. Not all contact centers were equipped with cloud-based infrastructure, or the capability to take CX-related calls from any location. Call centers were generally physical locations with physical servers that were rigid.

Over the past few months, with most call centers looking to transition to the cloud, cloud call center software has had to move with the times and come up with new technologies regularly. Let us explore the latest advances in this type of software.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing may be considered an essential requirement of any kind of call centre software in the 2020s. Software that is equipped with an intelligent routing system contributes directly to employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and an overall increase in the efficiency of the firm. Cloud-based call centre solutions by TalkDesk have intelligent routing algorithms built-in, that understand the issue of the customer, and route the ticket directly to the agent who is most proficient at handling the problem. CX platforms such as VOIZ work with a large number of clients who use the intelligent routing capabilities of their software to ensure efficiency in processes. When you couple intelligent routing with pre-trained CX experts from VOIZ you can maximize the efficiency in resolving customer queries.

Access to Agents Using CRM

The productivity of your call centre can be improved higher by providing greater access to customer information to your agent. If your customer has access to the information each customer that is being dealt with – from the case history to how long the customer has been with the company and the services subscribed to – imagine how much more insight the agent would be able to bring to the problem. Cloud call centre software that can provide such access to your CX agents, such as TalkDesk and Genesys, are generally not mere more efficient but also more future-ready. Remote CX agents such as those provided by VOIZ would also be able to do their jobs in a much more adroit manner if they had more access.

Cloud-Native Technology Stack

Platforms such as VOIZ can provide clients with some of the best remote CX talents anywhere in the world. A call centre software that uses cloud-native technology does not need to rely on physical locations and connectivity to push important updates to all agents. Cloud-native-based software is also much easier to maintain. Cloud tech-powered with a remote CX workforce offers better scalability to all companies

Work Flexibility

Remote CX also makes the workforce available for gigs — part-time, onetime, or full-time. VOIZ is the first CX marketplace to offer this. So, companies can leverage gig CX talent along with other technological advancements.


While platforms like VOIZ can provide you with remote CX agents, how effectively you utilize them depends firmly on the software that you use. Invest in cloud-based call centre systems to improve your productivity and make your firm future-ready.


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