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Developing Neural Networks of Artificial Intelligence

Face recognition, finger print security, voice commands, cashless tolls, motion activation, medical procedures, biometrics, smart cars, smart phones, e-commerce and apps that can do just about anything are all state of the art technologies built on cutting edge networks and platforms. Artificial Intelligence (AI) surrounds the world in every community, every town and every country. There is not one person in the world that is not affected by a form of artificial intelligence. As technologies continue to evolve, the way people look at the world and conduct business will also advance.

The human brain is capable of processing complexities by neural cognition: the breaking down of each micro sound or image into varying degrees of abstractions until a concrete identification of a thought, a sound or an image is recognized and understood. The brain performs these calculations without much effort and is trained from a very young age to name and identify things. The question has been pondered for generations; can the human brain be simulated to function faster, smarter, more accurately and simpler?

For years, scientists and programmers have tried to evolve various forms of technology to not only mimic the human brain but to train as well as outperform it, making it flawless. When cloud computing came on the scene, Forbes Technology Council affirms it was revolutionary to advancing the sciences. It soon became paramount in transforming the dynamics of computer programming and day to day operations of businesses, schools and other technologies. Graphical user interfaces (GUI) and state of the art platforms continue to evolve engaging users at high levels, which allows for advancement and innovation by developers.

Entrepreneur noted that a rapidly growing area that is upwardly trending is the utilization of artificial neural networks (ANN’s) and the continued growth of deep learning technologies. Neural networks are designed like the brain to perform similar functions in less time. It consists of connected nodes called artificial neurons that can be trained, taught specific things including following voice commands. They can compute at high levels much faster than a human brain or person could ever function. They are advantageous and becoming a valuable commodity to society.

However, artificial neural network advancement can be time consuming and resource intense initially. Without a proper supporting environment or software that is intuitively based on advanced GUI none of these developments are possible. Nonetheless, developers need the necessary tools to produce sound software for deep level learning. Thus, deep learning GUI software is crucial to the success of developing deep learning models and deployment of the technology.

Sustained development toward the humanization of artificial intelligence incorporating neural networks will continue to change the landscape of how things are done. Optimizing the environment with drag and drop features and visual editors saves developers time and energy which in turn allows them to concentrate on creating high performance models in less time. Unlocking new technologies and further developing the current ones will empower a society only if the platform is optimized for the developer.

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