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15 Never Heard of iPhone Hacks

What was launched some 11 years back, iPhone even today has not just managed to keep the excitement alive but also has continued to be a mystery for a variety of users. iPhones come with a series of features that act as a hack that users generally don’t know about.


Let us look at a few of those hacks that make iPhones just more exciting.


Hack 1:Fast phone charge

The little Airplane Mode icon is not just to cut you off from the world when you 300 ft above everybody else, the mode when switched on while charging your iPhone makes the charge 2X faster.


Hack 2: Make search faster

We all have suffered with the low internet speed syndrome, especially when you have placed a quick bet and you know you are right, the low internet can be painful, that too when you have to type in long web addresses.

You can save some serious time here by holding the full stop button that will come up with web address suffixes like .com,, .ie, etc. This will save you some major nanoseconds.


Hack 3: Know the places you frequent

Your iPhone is nothing less than the big brother house. It knows exactly where you have been and for how long.

Follow these steps for knowing your device’s whereabouts –

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.


Hack 4: Lock auto-focus

You know how the auto focus box tend to vanish every time you move your iPhone while finding that perfect angle? Well, no more. Rather than tapping your iPhone screen again and again, long press the screen and the ‘AF Locked’ box will pop up. This will allow you to change your angle without losing focus for even minute.


Hack 5: Custom vibration

Ever wished for a feature that would allow you to find out who is calling, just by how the vibration felt? There is an iPhone setting for that.

Go to Contacts and select a Person, then press Edit. The edit tab will have a Vibration option, which will allow you to set custom vibration against the contact’s name.


Hack 6: Correct Siri’s Pronunciation

We all know how Siri has a way of pronouncing every word and name as she seems fit? Let’s bring an end to her monopoly once and for all. When you catch Siri using a wrong pronunciation, correct it. Start by saying, “That’s now how you pronounce….” and it will then confirm the right pronunciation with you.


Hack 7: Close multiple apps at the same time

While a single swipe up can close a running app instantly, have you ever wondered how to close multiple running apps at the same time?

By swiping three fingers up the multitasking menu, you will be able to close three running apps at the same time.


Hack 8: Take photos Without touching your iPhone

I know the first thought you’d have reading this would be, use the volume down button to click photos. But when I said Without touching your device, I meant NO touching of device, not even a button.

The headset that comes with the iPhone has a remote like button, which when clicked while using the camera app, clicks photos.


Hack 9: Limit App Access

Apps tend to take up unnecessary space in already limited internet MB space. But iPhone gives its users a chance to limit their app access.

You can choose which apps would work on the Wi-Fi and which would work over your internet. Go to Settings and then Mobile Data to make the decision for every app individually.


Hack 10: Better the Battery Life

The notorious apps that run in the background have a way of eating all your memory and battery life. There’s a way you can stop this rowdy app behavior.

Follow Settings > General > Spotlight Search to restrict apps that are pulling in data without you knowing.


Hack 11: Erase Message

How many times has it happened with you that while you were in the process of deleting the long message, your fat thumb accidentally slipped and you pressed Enter? Quite a lot, right? Well there’s a way to erase the message without keeping your thumb on the backspace.

By giving your iPhone a hearty shake sideways, you will be able to erase the message instantly.


Hack 12: Phone Reset

iPhone, like every other device, tends to crash. How do you reset your device when that happens? By holding the power button and the volume up button, you can give your iPhone a hard reset.


Hack 13: Create Message for Missed Calls

When you miss a call, iPhone tends to come up with its series of message options that you can send to the caller. But what if the options are not in sync with the real reason? Simple. Customize the message. Go to Settings > Phone > Respond With Text to create your own message.


Hack 14: Take Photo While Making Video

You thought it was impossible, didn’t you? Well. It isn’t. All you have to do is gently press the shutter button that is placed right next to the video button, to click photos while you are making videos.


Hack 15: Lower the iPhone Light

Imagine getting a message from one significant other in the night when the person next to you is half asleep and you don’t want his attention on the message. What do you do? You dim the iPhone light.

Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and choose Turn on Invert Colors


Now that you know the hacks, what are you waiting for? Go try them out. If you know of any other iPhone hacks, let us know in the comments below.


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