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5 ways of improving your home internet security

Internet is something very important today and almost all the residential and commercial buildings have at least one active internet connection all the time. the access to the internet is the main purpose for installing the internet devices at home and these devices help provide the wireless internet to further devices at home.

The security of the internet device that you are using a home, is something that should not be neglected. Especially when you are operating the other devices with the wireless as well. If the security of the house gets compromised, it would become dangerous for all, therefore you have to take the following measures to ensure your wireless system is secured.

  1. Change the name and password of your home network

The first and the simplest step toward enhancing the security of your home internet system, is to change the name that it has, make it something a bit unique or different and then set a password. The password has to be something very unusual and it is always best to add the letters, number and characters to it so that it becomes hard to guess. Using your pet’s name or date of birth, is something very predictable, so do not go for these kind of passwords. You can also change the encryption language for the internet of your house to help make it more secure.

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi system when you are away from home

This is another simple yet amazing tip to increase the security of the house. whenever you are away from home, just make sure that you have turned the it off, so that no one can access it and no information could be retrieved from the house.

  1. Add a firewall and put a strong administrator password as well

It is always good to increase the security of the internet, as much as you can. Therefore, the best approach is to place a firewall against the system and use an even stronger password for the administrator so that it is forever unreachable.

  1. Disable remote access

One good approach to make sure that no uninvited device can get connected to your router, is to disable the remote access so that only the devices that are allowed to connect to it, can access it. Other should not be welcome at all.

  1. Change your default IP address

Next you can change the default IP address of the internet by visiting the LAN settings section and changing the address as you like. It would become even more unapproachable and ever more strong.

Once you have a strong internet connection, chances of it getting hacked, would become low.

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