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Protect Teen’s Snapchat by Using TOS Live Screen Share

Snapchat is getting immense popularity among teenagers and particularly collegians. The photo-sharing app has overwhelmed the popular social networking platforms including Instagram and Facebook and has turned out to be the most prevalent social media app in certain areas of the world. The photo-sharing app has also overwhelmed the teens’ favorite social media apps Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Though the app has inspired people of every age group, it has fascinated tweens, teens and young adults more. The photo-sharing app has around 10 million active users of which more than half use the app on an everyday basis. Around 30% Snapchatters use the app five times in a week and 87% use the media app two times in a week. Every day, almost 10 billion videos are watched and 400 million photos are sent via Snapchat. While there are more than 9000 snaps that are shared via Snapchat in one second.

What is Parents’ Concerns about Snapchat?

Snapchat offers a costless and efficient way to communicate with the people around the world by exchanging text, photos and videos. What makes this application popular are the self-deleted messages keeping the conversation private and photo filters enhancing the beauty.

The app is widely being used by people of all age groups for its self-destructive messages. The text, photos and videos transmitted via Snapchat do not get stored on the receiver’s device and get automatically destructed after being witnessed by the recipient. Because of these self-deleted messages, the app is thought to be the most secure platform for sexting. Many teen girls and boys are using the app for sending porn, sexually explicit and age-inappropriate photos, videos and textual messages.

Contrary to the developer’s claim, the self-deleted Snapchat messages can be stored and distributed. The objectionable photos and sexts exchanged via Snapchat can be captured with the help of screenshots. Though the app notifies the message sender that a screenshot has been taken of the sent message but this notification cannot prevent the receiver from capturing the message. In this way, the sensual photos and videos are stolen by the scoundrels and misused for monetary gain or other malicious purposes.

In addition to sexting, the app is being used for the purpose of child predation, scamming, bullying and online sex crimes. The predators and child molesters use the app for accessing and victimizing the adolescents for sexual abuse. Meanwhile, the photo-sharing app promotes narcissism and causes the Snapchatters to suffer from several mental and psychological concerns.

Monitoring Teens’ Snapchat:

The parents can monitor Snapchat activities of their children with monitoring and tracking applications. There are numerous cell phone monitoring apps that enable parents to track the mobile phone and social media activities of their children. However, picking up the secure and feature-rich cell phone tracking app is of great significance. TheOneSpy is one of the reliable cell phone monitoring apps that can be recommended for kids monitoring. The app is particularly intended for parents to supervise the digital behavior of children and protect them from the online and offline threats. It allows spying on several social media apps including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Skype, Hike, IMO, Vine, Tinder and Kik messenger.   

TheOneSpy Live Screen Sharing:

While there is a broader range of features offered by the cell phone spying apps, the live screen sharing is among the most advanced spying features of TheOneSpy. This enables parents to supervise almost all of the mobile phone activities of their children in real-time. By sending a command from your own device, you can see the phone screen of your kid and witness whatever he/she is doing on his/her phone.

To get the advantage of the live screen sharing and other thrilling features of the cell phone spy app, you need to install the app on your kids’ phones. After installation, the app starts tracking the cell phone activities of the monitored child. When it comes to tracking Snapchat, the app tracks the self-deleted messages and the activities performed on the photo-sharing app. As your kid starts using Snapchat, the tracking software initiates capturing screenshots with a 3-second interval. It records all the activities performed on Snapchat. Moreover, live screen recording lets you closely monitor all your kids’ actions on social media app.

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