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An extensive range of options available in reasonable 4g Smart phone prices

We all have at some point in time in the recent years have spent a good amount of our hard earned money to buy a smart phone online or otherwise. When the smart phones entered the market they were quite expensive but now the 4g smart phone prices are quite affordable making it an easy buy for the common man.  Especially if one is buying the 4g smart phones online from trusted and reputed sites, there are online discounts and attractive deals that make it a pocket-friendly option.

A smart phone typically consists of a PCB with different chips connected to form an electrical circuit, electronic components, a LCD screen and a battery made of lithium ion assembled together. It is then loaded with the software and the operating system.  The outer cover of a smart phone is made of either ABS plastic or polycarbonate material. This cover is hardened enough to face temperature fluctuations and face all forms of impact without breaking up. The smart phones – be it the 4g android smart phones, the camera phones or the iPhones – are superior in technology compared to the keypad mobile. These smart phones are basically the smaller version of a computer because all functions of a computer is replicated to be performed by these devices. From a mobile operating system to being connected to the internet via wireless or Wi-Fi network the similarities are many. The difference between both the devices is that where a smart phone is handy and portable, a desktop computer is difficult to move around. Also with a computer one uses a keyboard the QWERTY ones and for the smart phones, it’s a touch screen keypad that is used.

Tablets on the other hand have the properties of both the laptop and the smart phone. The screens are bigger making multimedia more enjoyable on tablets. The 4 smart phones connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or 4g network whereas the tablets connect via Wi-Fi. The differences between both the electronic gadgets are: (a) Smart phones are handy and easy to carry in our pockets and purses. The tablet is heavier and needs a bigger space like a big bag etc. (b) Tablets are typically on a higher price range as compared to the 4g smart phone prices.

Similarly comparing the 4g android smart phone and the iPhone, both work on the smart phone technology. The first major difference is the operating system – iPhone works on the iOS operating system whereas the other works on the android OS. The second difference is that iPhone is manufactured by Apple which has a streamlined process pertaining to the hardware-software combination. However android smart phones are manufactured by lots of companies and hence the features and qualities are varied. The third difference is that the OS upgrades by Apple takes care of the older versions but the Android upgrades generally ignore the older OS versions and hence updating android phones can become a tricky issue.

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