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Why WordPress Is the Perfect Website Builder

My preferred method of building websites is making use of WordPress. WordPress is an amazingly simple tool for you to develop sites from the simple to the highly complex. There are many other tools that are similar to WordPress which are free tools as well, the biggest being Drupal and Joomla. After using all these three, I have selected WordPress for it to carry out my developing with for some simple but strong reasons.

Simple and easy to setup
Easy to use
Easy to customize.

First of all, the biggest thing which makes WordPress the simplest to setup is that it needs the LEAST understanding of MySQL for you to set up. As soon as WordPress is installed on the website, you could easily find as well as install new themes, and also keep playing around along with them to get exactly what you are searching for. Now, if you are code savvy, then you can modify a theme to fit your requirements, meaning you can often use free themes to exactly have what you would like. Also, beginning with WordPress 3.8, now, WordPress can update itself automatically, keeping your WordPress website to be secured. With WordPress being very popularly used and powerful, a lot of web hosting firms have a one-click installation option on their manage pages. If it is not an option for your website, you can follow this detailed walk-through to get a more in-depth description of WordPress installation and set up.

Secondly, in my opinion, WordPress has the easiest interface for users. Including blog entries, known as posts, or the full static pages is simple. You do not need to know any kind of code for you to get a quality site up as well as running in a very short time frame. You can use themes to modify the function and appearance of the site in minutes. Plugins are simple and plenty to utilize. If you know what to look for, you can just search for the plugin from the WordPress admin console, look for the plugin, and click on install. As easy as that, you can also add all forms of functionality to the e-commerce, website, easily added Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and about anything you can even think of.

Finally, for people who know how coding is done and like to be involved in the thick of things, producing a child theme as well as adding your custom code is easier and possible to do compare to some other CMS’s. You can build websites by utilizing only the inbuilt, easy to use tools which come along with WordPress and the different themes to install, but you can build sites using child themes too. Child themes let you use the programming and templates made by your theme, however, allow you to customize certain the CSS file and PHP files to make your changes to your website. When your parent theme then updates, you do not lose your changes.

Therefore, having said all these, WordPress builder, in my opinion, is the ideal website builder. I recommend it to you.

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