How Can You Boost Your eCommerce Growth With Magento Development?

Wherever one takes a closer look around themselves they can see that e-commerce is there. Even if a business has a traditional brick and mortar outlet, they will surely invest in an e-store to make the venture future-proof. The contributing factor behind the rise of e-commerce in contemporary times is the change in market trends. People don’t have the time or the patience to stand in long queues anymore.

As per the data put forth by leading business magazines, consumers in the US alone spent more than $390 billion on shopping online till date and the figure is expected to reach the $640 billion mark by the year 2020!

Importance of Magento development platform in e-commerce

The rise of e-commerce couldn’t have been possible if cutting-edge technology and creative tools were not made available to the contemporary developers. The advances made in computer technology streamlined the entire process of creating e-stores these days making the same an inexpensive choice for all.

It also means that the challenges will also increase as more businesses will enter the market making the environment a place of cut-throat competition. What one should imprint in the back of their minds is that to make sure their e-commerce venture runs profitably it should have:

  • an uncluttered design
  • provides a rich shopping experience to the visitors
  • has clear CTA and
  • is highly responsive

There are several e-commerce development platforms available these days but the one that stands out among all is Magento. With the latest update, the open source development tool comes loaded with pre-configured templates, easy to customise themes and eye-catchy designs. All of these make Magento the most sought-after development tool for the e-commerce platform.

How Magento development platform helps in boosting e-commerce business?

With its latest update, the already popular development tool Magento now provides developers with an intricately designed dashboard and customisation process. It allows both seasoned developers and rookies to use the tool efficiently. On top of that, the latest update comes in with tons of new features that work together to generate more sales.

Helps in creating user-friendly interfaces for a seamless shopping experience

Using Magento development platform, one can rest assured that shopping cart abandon rates are minimised which is one of the most dreaded aspects in the e-commerce industry. It is a direct result of a badly designed or unresponsive e-store. Magento development tool comes in with an extension which when implemented in an e-store, provides a one-step checkout option to the visitor. It not only simplifies the buying process but also makes the experience more fulfilling thereby generating more leads/conversions.

Advanced features like geo-targeting and behavioural tagging

Personalization is the mantra of e-commerce. Every visitor in an e-store prefers having an interface that suits their tastes and preferences. Magento with its unique behavioural tagging allows an e-commerce platform to reach its target audience in minimal time delay.

It also comes with a geo-targeting feature which allows the e-store to be viewed in the preferred language of the visitors in case the e-store caters to international customers as well.

There are multiple development platforms for e-stores but Magento is the most popular one among the lot as the e-store developed using Magento is dynamic, loaded with advanced features and will be highly responsive. Choose Magento today if you want your e-commerce business to rise.

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