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Buy a used smartphone, watch out for the traps!

Refurbished or second hand?

The limit is blurry. The used smartphone is a mobile that has been used for more than a fortnight. As for the term “reconditioned”, it covers both devices almost unused, returned to manufacturers and repaired, as old mobiles, bought and refurbished. The real difference is elsewhere, on the seller’s side: is it an individual or a specialized brand, such as a manufacturer or an operator? The second option is less risky.

Attention to too good deals

The savings realized must remain reasonable to be honest. To Buy Used iPhone, it is better to learn about prices on different platforms before making your choice. An iPhone 5, for example, is sold around 200 to 300 Euros. At less than 150 euros, it is probably a scam. Especially if the seller offers a transfer abroad or a money order!

Check the IMEI codes

The serial number on the bill must match the one on the smartphone shell, and the one it says when you type * # 06 # on the keyboard. If this is not the case, the invoice is false or the phone has been boned and reassembled with other parts.

Prefer mobile under warranty

Most stores offer a warranty of six to twelve months. The buyer also has the option to return the device for a period of seven days. This is rarely the case with an individual. However, if this option is chosen, the delivery by hand is safer and the buyer is required to sign a certificate of assignment in duplicate.

Make sure it’s unlocked

Mobile devices purchased on traditional platforms or in a shop have been tested and have been properly re-initialized and “unlocked”. This last point means that the phone can be used with any operator. If the chosen smartphone comes from a classifieds site, check that it has been done by inserting its SIM card into the device and making sure that the network is recognized. For an iPhone, it is also necessary that the function “activation lock” has been disabled. Otherwise, it will remain bound to the iCloud account of its owner and will be unusable without its code. This information is verifiable on the dedicated online service thanks to the mobile IMEI number.

Check all the features

Many second-hand devices have some minor scratches. Make sure this does not affect the operation of the touch screen, start button, etc. Also check the camera, the speakers as well as the Wifi and Bluetooth connections.

Rate the battery

This is the best way to know the actual state of wear of the smartphone. Some software, such as ibackupbot, allows you to know the number of charge cycles experienced by the device.

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