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Maintain Cleanliness of your Front-Loaded Washing Machine for Better and Lasting Efficiency

Washing machines are used these days in every house, whether it is fully automatic or semi automatic. Since everyone is busy in their profession, it gets really difficult for people to manage their household deeds. Even as a housewife, a lady has to manage a lot, in such scenario, a washing machine becomes her life saviour. Therefore, when they buy washing machine, there are many things that they consider.

Not just getting into a store can solve anyone’s problem. A person needs to know all specifications properly before deciding to buy a model. It is good to read all specifications of various brands online, and to know their reviews would be the best thing to do.

CompareRaja is an online site that helps you in making the right decision. They will never give you a false price comparison. Its comparison includes more than 100 online stores and ecommerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong etc. Not only electronics but, they also compare prices of other items as well.

Be it any brand like Videocon, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier, and so on, all electronic appliances are compared and made it easier for consumer to decide which brand to purchase and from where. This way, even a middle-class family can afford any item by comparing the prices of their favourite products.

Coming back to washing machine, as we said earlier it is a gift from manufacturers to us. This mechanism of any washing machine has solved many problems. However, being a machine, it has many parts that undergo a lot of wear and tear. Some air conditioners are now being launched with the feature of auto clean but, washing machine needs manual cleaning so that the machine lasts for long.

Here are some tips for front loaded machine –

  • Once you’re done washing your clothes, don’t close the lid instantly because the machine is still wet. Leave the lid open for half an hour so that it doesn’t smell and dries out easily.
  • Don’t use bad quality detergent but try using something that is mild on your machine. Often, we try compromising by buying cheap products but, this is an electronic machine that is a one-time investment so you need to be careful with your soap.
  • Rinse the detergent dispenser and leave it to dry, otherwise bacteria and fungus built in the dispenser, swirls with your clothes every time when you put detergent in it.
  • Use a cleaning liquid to clean your washing machine once in a month, this removes all residue inside that clogged the passage and maintains high quality.
  • Keep your machine on a level surface. Make sure that the flooring isn’t uneven and if you keep it on wheel tray then it should be in correct alignment.
  • Clean your drain pipe filter frequently to remove any clogging. This can block water drainage and destroy your machinery.
  • Don’t overload your machine by putting extra clothes thinking to wrap up work quickly. This will not only put pressure on your machine but also when water gets added, the weight becomes double.

If you follow these few steps, surely you will keep your machine is in a good condition for years.

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