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How does a roofing nailer work?

We know that safety has been the priority of every person that has been into the construction work. However, to be adequate and compliant for your task you should be knowing your goals before initiating a task. In other words, you must know what are you coming with. So the readers, let’s have an easy look towards how a roofing nailer can prove to be a great helping hand.

Follow the steps and make it happen

Safety must be the priority:

We know always that you need to protect your eyes because you will be firing nails, after. Above all, there is a fine line of danger using a roofing nailer in that you are on your roof. The foremost rule is that keep your eyes on your toes and do not fall off.

Right compressor:

Roofing nailers can shoot up to ten nails every second in certain cases and that takes so much air. Your compressor must be such that at least it matches the makeup to the consumption specs.

Let the canister be loaded:

To load the roofing nailer’s canister, you have to widen up the feeder door as well as the magazine door. Put off the retainer from the coil and put the coil into the canister consisting of nails facing down. The initial nail should be facing in the barrel. Then shut off both doors.

Set up the nail

To have a fine result, make sure the nail depth is adequate for the nail’s length and offer it a test action before you try to shot them at once into your shingles.

Make the adjustments of exhaust deflector:

The push of air that the nailer will utilize to drive the nail will be provided from the exhaust. If your nailer bears an effective deflector, turn it to protect air popping your face during work.

Adjust shingles

The shingle guide is like a key for them to make sure that all the nails bear the same distance away from the edge of the last shingle.

Set up the firing mode:

Nailers mostly have two firing modes that are single action and a contact mode. As far as the single action is concerned, one nail is driven when the trigger is fetched and the mouth of the nailer is depressed. In contact mode, as the trigger is held, the nailer will drive a nail each time the nose is depressed. This shooting mode can be even dangerous because unintentional shooting is possible and since the burst of air which drives the nail turns to make a recoil. This recoil can force the gun up just as another nail is shot, shooting the nail through the air. The contact allows rapid work, but you have to understand the misery that it is significant for you and those around you also.


Following the aforementioned easy steps, you can try to use roofing mailer much easily and without investing in huge energy. Although, it looks complicated yet it is a great way to complete your tasks within no time. You can avail the best roofing nailer from CORDLESSDRILLGUIDE.COM in the best rates.

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