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Tips for purchasing the best NAS server

NAS or network attached storage is a type of hard drive storage that is not like all the other storage devices, rather it is a very beneficial and very amazing type of storage that has a lot of advantages to offer. Shopping for the hard drives is not something very easy as you have varied options to consider, but when you know the following tips regarding the purchase of the NAS server, you are going to find the best one for you.

  • Size matters when we talk about the NAS

Typically, the NAS drives come in the sizes with terabytes like 1TB, 2Tb and so on, where one TB equals 1000GB. So you have to ask yourself what your needs are for the purchase of the NAS and how you would be utilizing it. If you have more data to store, you will for sure need larger NAS. You will also have to spend some money on RAID if you want to connect these NAS servers.

  • Seek the trusted brands for NAS

We know that your data is important and that you need to make it secure as well. Therefore, the purchase of NAS drive has to be done in such a way that you are considering the name of the brand you are buying for. It never hurts to buy the trusted company’s NAS as you would not want your data to be lost with a crash all at once.

  • It’s all about endurance

When you are buying your NAS drive, you need to pay attention to the endurance that the device is offering. Since the device has to get connected to multiple devices it must be capable of secure data transfers and should not just crash on receiving some bad data.

  • Consider drive traits

When we look at the specs of the NAS drives and the features that they offer, we often find that there is technical jargon in then a lot which is nothing useful most of the time and you have to pay for it in terms of added features. So when you are making your decision for which one you want to buy, make sure the features you are paying for, are useful for you. You need have your notre comparatif de serveur nas to use it in full.

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