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On Building Your Companies Intranet


When you own a company, there are certain things that you want only your staff and yourself to be aware of and information that needs to be kept by certain departments within your business. There are documents that are meant to be used by only your staff members and you don’t want them to be on an open computer system where anyone can have access. Many of a company’s documents are private and contain information that should only be seen by those people working for the company. If you have any of this in your business, you will want to have a good intranet program installed.

What To Put In Your Intranet Program

For most businesses, the information stored in these programs are basic documents, employment applications, financial applications and so on. For larger companies, the information stored on this program can include a disaster manual in case of an emergency or your human resource records. While all employment information should be private for most people, with a good intranet system, you can allow your staff to have access to their own employment histories. They will not be able to get into any other employee’s files due to security measures that are in place, but they will be able to look at their own. You may also want to include information on the intranet about your equipment that is used and any warranty information it may have. This information is not necessary for anyone other than your own staff to have access to. Many other items that you want to store can be put onto these software programs and can be accessed by anyone you have on your staff. Many companies are now including private, for your eyes only, type email systems on these programs where you can send out information to members on important changes or directions that need to be made.

How to Find a Good Program

If you search the internet for a corporate intranet, you will find that there are many companies who make these software programs. Put together a list of names for you to contact them and have them come to your business to give you a demonstration of the software and how it can work for you. Some of them may offer you a free trial period, usually one month, where you can use it to see if it fits your business. The cost for the software can range from very low to very high depending on what you want to use it for and how much information you plan on storing there. All costs will typically come with their staff support which is available twenty-four hours a day. They can install the programs within minutes and have you inputting information in no time.

Managing an office is difficult without the right computer programs to help you. Access to company only information is important for all of your employees even if it is just to see if their performance review went well. You want to provide the latest and best software for your staff and your customers.

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