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Growth Hacking Strategies in 2020

Starting a business is not an easy thing. It is a matter of great risk. You do not have any idea whether I gonna work or not. Perfection is the most essential thing that is needed in marketing. You have to be perfect in every way for a great result. But nowadays if you do not have a good start then it will become very difficult for you to make up the loss in the first go, otherwise your business empire might finish as soon as it gets started.


So first of all, the practice of posting ads on the internet and social media has become an old fashioned method, from a recent report it was found that activation of ad blockers in the personal browser had increased by 30 percent this year. Now it is a matter of problem. Since how will you sell your product if you are unable to show it to the public. This problem can be solved by the thing called collaboration. Neither of us is totally self-dependent, at the end we have to go to other to fulfill our basic need. And in the market consumers usually like to trust big names.


For example, a person wants to buy a new laptop, and there are two laptops available to him or her, one with no extra feature at some specific price and another one with same features as the first one and providing 6 months subscription of some antivirus at the same price. Then the customer will definitely go for the first one. This way is benefiting both the laptop as well as the antivirus brand, the laptop company become the first preference over the other laptop in the market and the antivirus brand is able to advertise its product and if it is well enough and the customer is satisfied with its service then he or she will surely extend its subscription.


Having a reputation in the market is also very important. Since I said it before also consumers usually trust big names. Collaborating with big companies and giving your product a face of some famous celebrity ensures the quality of your product to the customers.

If you do not want to go with the above strategy then as an alternative you can take your business online. Taking your business online in the sense, having a blog or a website or a website or having an official social media account on various platforms is a great way of advertising and getting rid of the ad blockers. In short, in this way you are proving the genuineness of your product. A growth hacking agency use the same.

Introducing or launching your product at the perfect time is also a very clever strategy. For this, you always have to be different from the crowd and so your thinking. Just as an example in India there are numerous mango lovers and summer is the only time when you can have them. So at that time, its demand is at the top, so it would a great period to sell them but at that time there will be 100 more peoples like you selling mangoes. But if you are able to sell mangoes in winters then you would be the only one getting all the profit and even it will be more than the profit during summers. Another live example can be the latest smartphone ASUS that is ASUS ROG world’s first gaming phone. They launched this phone at a time when the craze of gaming is at its peak though is it a very expensive phone it is the best selling. They are even offering a Sennheiser headphone worth rupees 28,000 at a very low cost along with it.

If they had blocked you for showing their advertisement to them then simply make your customers your mode of advertisement. Yes, I am talking about the power of the referral. Do you know the success story of Google Dropbox and Google Tez? They simply kept an offer that if you refer this app to your friends and family and made them signing in and using it then you will get 500 MB free storage and in case of Google Tez Rupees 51 on every linking of the account by your friends. It is just you brought a single product from them and in return, you let them double profit. This is not the story of a single product Flipkart, Amazon, uber and many more companies are following this strategy.


Nowadays, there are tons of different ways to incorporate visual media into your post. One of the most engaging types of images is an infographic. Posting product videos let your customer know about your product without reading, and make your audience more interested in your product. And added to this use of hashtags or topics that fit your brand is a great way to get your audience’s attention.

Keep on spreading your product at different markets. And before doing so always consider few facts like whats the competition like? How big is the opportunity in terms of volume and profits? Are there legal barriers you’ll need to tackle? For example, Most people associate Nike with products that focus on track and field sports. However, Nike’s product range covers almost all sports and activities for which you need high-quality apparel and footwear. When Nike decided to enter the competitive market of mountaineering products, they decided to bring the principle of Adjacent Markets into play. They started by offering footwear for mountaineering activities. Once they had built customer loyalty, they branched out to the apparel area with great success.  Most of the growth hacking agency follow this trend.


A happy and satisfied customer is the key to successful business so I try to always have a perfect idea what your customer wants and what can you do to make them happy. And asking for regular feedback and giving them the most priority will help you to connect with them. And offering a gift to the regular customer like a pen or something on which company’s logo is embossed maintain the trust and loyalty with your customer. And a happy customer becomes the promoter of your brand.


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