What Are Common DJ Media Player Features?

Music is a must, be it a party with friends or the club night. Do you have any interest in DJing? If yes, then probably you might be aware of what type of equipment you should purchase. If you are a newbie, then renting would be a better option than buying. You would be able to learn to play different models. Also, you do not need to worry about the maintenance of the equipment if you rent it.


So, you have decided to polish your skills in DJing? Do you know what type of equipment a DJ must-have? If you are a beginner, then take a look below to find out what gear do you need:

  • Gear to play audio
  • Audio interface
  • Powered speaker system
  • A standalone DJ mixer
  • DJ headphones

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Common DJ media player features:

If you are purchasing a digital player, make sure that you check the audio formats it supports. Here are a few common DJ media player features:

  • Set cue points:

Most digital players allow you to set cue points so that you can access a certain spot in a song with a push a button.

  • Pitch control:

All digital players have a pitch control feature that allows them to speed up and down the pitch.

  • Effects:

Most media players come with effects such as filters, pan, transform, flanger, and eco, etc.

  • Eject lock button:

Digital media players have an eject lock button that avoids accidentally ejecting a disk during play.

  • Backlit LCD display:

Most players have a bright backlit LCD display so that you can play the music even in the dark.

  • Data storage:

Some media players provide data storage with a removable memory card. It is better to buy this type of DJ MP3 player.

  • Seamless looping:

With seamless looping, you can select the start and endpoints of the song. It allows the song to play repeatedly with a touch.

Summing up:

Thanks to technological advancement, we have new gadgets and gears. If you are new into the DJing business, then purchase a digital media player as it allows you to perform several functions by just pushing a button. You would invest your hard-earned money on buying DJ equipment, so make sure that you buy a new one with advanced features if you want to enjoy your DJing to the fullest.

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