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Online mobile recharge – App or website

Today there is no industry in the world today that is growing at a faster speed than the e-commerce industry. While in the initial years, there were only a few big fishes in the market, today the entire digital space is occupied by small, medium and big online merchants and retailers that facilitate consumers to sit in the comfort of their home and make purchases online.  A phenomenon that started with facilitating e-shopping, is now helping millions of people worldwide to perform routine tasks like mobile recharge and payments of utility bills, ordering food online or booking hotel rooms and making reservations of flight tickets, rail tickets and even buses.

The other development that has been happening in the digital platform in recent years is the way and the speed at which mobile websites are getting converted into mobile Apps. Today, irrespective of the size of the business, companies that aim to survive in the online medium are investing heavily into developing and designing user-friendly Apps for the benefit of their customers. This is because these companies have acknowledged the growing trend amongst online users to download Apps and use them compared to logging onto desktops and laptops to indulge in an online purchase activity.

There are reasons why users find Apps more attractive than sites for making online payments, transferring money, shopping, getting their mobile recharges done etc.

  1. Most people use Apps because they find it convenient than using a site.
  2. As per a recent study, almost 57% of the respondents felt that Apps are faster and hence prefer to use them.
  3. 40% people replied that they reach out to Apps because the platform offers personalized information and services vis-a-vis sites. Apps are able to offer this kind of individualized attention because they are made in such a way that they can store the personal settings of the user and hence offer a superior experience than sites.
  4. About 5% of the respondents said that they use Apps because they find Apps more entertaining.

Many people also feel that Apps are handy and easy to navigate – they need a one-time download and an occasional update and that is about it. To get a mobile recharge done using an App, majority people prefer using reseller Apps like Paytm App, PhonePe App or the MobiKwik App than using their website counterparts because of some of the reasons mentioned above. Reseller Apps and sites are also favoured during online bookings and payments because reliable and top resellers offer their customers different types of attractive deals and rewards that either enable them to save money upfront or get discounted prices for other purchases from the same platform.

Reseller services are also being used more commonly these days because most leading ones offer their registered customers the service of digital wallets. These virtual wallets are now considered one of the safest ways of making online payments as they are associated with minimum risks. Plus the fact that these wallets can be used for making online as well as offline payments works in favour of their growing usage.

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