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How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions With Your Mac Using Proxy And VPN Services

The manner in which media is accessed worldwide has changed a lot in the past few years. This is because of the restrictions placed on those areas, sometimes by the media owners and sometimes by the government. Earlier, people were dependent on their television, radios and other types of media to access media content. They didn’t have any choice and had to be contended with what was served to them by the mainstream media. But times have changed, and now, people have their own Netflix subscription on their MacBooks and iPhones and this is why geo-restrictions became a major accessibility issue for many web users worldwide.


Learn about location errors and geo-restrictions

Web accessibility is not the same throughout all countries over the world. Many of the regions or even countries follow the same conventional linear programming when it comes to accessing the internet. Different governments have their different policies of allowing web content to be accessible to the public.

For example, Netflix is not permitted in several countries all over the world. China is one of the countries that has banned the greatest number of websites. They have blocked several social media networks and prevent their entry into their territory. Furthermore, there are countries like North Korea that do not permit their citizens to have internet access at all.

In some cases, this restriction is an error. Such errors are called location errors where the website is unable to recognize the IP address. Due to this reason, internet users are not able to view that website. Mistakes are bound to happen, and there is nothing new or surprising in that. Though it is annoying, it takes some time to fix such errors. You canĀ  Try a free Mac VPN service to overcome this issue.


Ways to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

From the time that geo-restrictions have become a well-known problem, many people started looking for efficient ways to solve it. Proxy services such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) had become the most popular way to solve this issue and it’s used in most countries worldwide

Use a VPN

VPN is a private network that is being sustained on its own. These private servers are available all around the world. Furthermore, as the number of these servers gets increased in the network, the bigger it gets. Countries who have these servers are able to provide faster internet access speed to their users.

Features that are being offered by VPN services

  • Encryption of your online traffic
  • Protection from hackers, malware, and ISP
  • Kill switches,
  • DNS leak protection
  • Offers for unlimited bandwidth

How to get a VPN subscription?

Although there are VPNs that are available for free. These free VPNs could be comparatively slower in their speed and unreliable. This is why It makes sense to hire a VPN service for a year and avoid any form of inconveniences. This will not just save you your money but also save you from the hassles of disturbing advertisements. You can even find discounts for an annual prescription that will be economical as compared to monthly fees.


Literally, each and every country has its different story when it comes to giving access to the web for its citizens. You can find these issues of geo-restrictions almost in every country you visit. This is why consumers who wish to enjoy the liberty of the web using their OS X devices should learn how to use a VPN. Considering other options it is a good and an increasingly adopted way to help people hide their true identity on the web and browse freely.

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