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Augmented Reality Company Silver Solutions – App Development Is A Key

We know for sure, real world is changing and our future is digital. AR technology is incredibly helpful and drives the progress; and of course, makes our lives better. But digital devices are still at their early stages of development. Screens are everywhere: next to our beds, when we sleep, in the kitchen, when we it, in our purses and pockets, in our hands. For common users of smartphones and tablets – they are just fun and entertainment. For experienced businessmen, entrepreneurs and startuppers digital world is a great opportunity to increase brand recognition, clients’ engagement and key performance indexes in general. AR application development brings advantages to moving with the times companies. To get more information about benefits of augmented reality app implementation and to find the best solutions for your business, just visit the section Services on our web site. Augmented reality app development company in Canada Silver Solutions – we hold the keys from success.


SDK Comparison for Augmented Reality App Development Company

Augmented reality iPhone app development and augmented reality Android app development are taking down scores. Increasing demand of iOS and iPhone apps forces augmented reality developers to create and to upgrade AR SDK, supporting both two most popular platforms. ARKit is SDK for software developers to perform augmented reality apps for iPhones and iPads. iOS 11 or 12 is required to build an app with ARKit for Apple. To enable augmented reality applications SDK utilizes iPhone/iPad hardware, cameras and motion sensors. ARKit supports 2D image detection and allows developing apps that would recognize 3D objects and spaces. ARCore is Google’s response to Apple’s ARKit. ARCore supports Android 7.0 and higher platforms. And what is amazing SDK supports iOS 11 and higher. To mix virtual and real worlds ARCore has three core capabilities: environmental understanding detects size and location of surfaces, from horizontal to vertical and even angled; light estimation to estimate real-life lighting conditions; to track smartphone’s position relative to the surroundings – motion tracking. There is a list of SDKs, also supporting both iOS and Android platforms: WikiTude, Vuforia, Maxst, DeepAR, EasyA, ARToolKit, Xzimg. 5 SDKs provide 3D recognition: Wikitude, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, MaxST. Maximum distance capture is offered by Wikitude 2,4-5 m, ARKit 1,5-5 m, DeepAR 0,7-5 m. Recognition stability of immovable marker represents Vuforia – 10, of movable marker – 7 by ARKit. Geolocation is provided by WikiTude, ARKit and ARCore, cloud recognition by WikiTude, ARKiT, ARCore and Vuforia.


Engage Your Customers With Augmented Reality Application Development

If you need to succeed in your marketing campaign, if you have already used or you would like start implementing AR mobile apps in your strategy – you are on the right way. AR technology combines digital information with real world to offer your customers enhanced experience of perception. Impress your customers, turning a simple poster, print ads or brochure into 3D image, give them opportunity to feel more interacted and as the result, more loyal to your brand. Take your clients to a long virtual journey with augmented reality.

Augmented reality company in Canada Silver Solutions will engage your customers to the next level of augmented reality.

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