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4 Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is the process of advertising your product, service or offer directly to your targeted audience through the mail. It is one of the most popularly used direct methods of marketing. A direct mail advertising package commonly constitutes a brochure, a sales letter, a prepaid envelope, and an order form. It is the most suitable for small business owners as they can convey all the necessary pieces of information about their product or service to any desired target group. The sales letter will also help the business address the concerns and needs of the target group. This form of advertising is usually followed up with a sales call.

4 Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

Here are 4 benefits of direct mail advertising.

  1. Highly Targeted

Direct mail advertising beats the old marketing formula of sending mails to everybody. With very less ROI, it is just sheer wastage of capital to assume that anybody can turn into a potential lead. Direct mail advertising is a highly targeted advertising medium as it focuses only on the demography that is likely to respond to your message. The direct mail list is usually highly targeted which is made from the customer demographics of the business. Factors such as their purchase history, preferences towards trends, media, products, and even their lifestyle are also taken into account before deciding whether they need a direct mail from the business. This is either made in-house or outsourced to an agency.

There are three kinds of direct mailing list available in the market:

  • Custom Mailing List – This list helps you categorize your customers based on their interest and hobbies.
  • Specialty List – This list is the most specific and expensive list that helps you pinpoint your prospects and even identify college-bound students, new parents, new residents, and so on.
  • Cloned List – This list helps you identify prospects that are similar to your current customers.

Since renting out these lists from external sources multiple times can lead to duplication, a technique called merge, also called purge, is used to refrain from sending mail to a certain prospect twice.

  1. Highly Personalized

One of the most important benefits of direct mail advertising is that with a good understanding of your customer demographics, you can send your message to the right group. This will save you money and time. Also, by plotting your campaign geographically, you can craft your local direct mail advertisement around the elements of the place, its weather, its major attractions, and so on. This paves way for greater customization and personalization. You can also base your campaign on the data related to customer’s shopping history or their position in the buying cycle.

  1. Measurable

One of the most attractive and promising benefits of direct mail advertising is the ability to track the response. All you have to do is make sure one of the points of contact in your direct mail package is trackable. This could be a phone number, coupon code, QR code, or website address. If it is a phone number, set up a toll-free number that forwards every call to your business number. You can track the number of calls you received to analyze your response rate. By making a unique URL for your ad campaign, you can track the number of visitors using website analytics tools. You can incorporate QR codes into the mail that will lead recipients to your website’s landing page. Coupon codes can also be tracked by assessing the number of people who redeemed them at your store or on your website.

  1. Better Presentation of Information

Mail advertisement allows the marketer to have complete control over the dissemination of information. A direct mail package consists of a sales letter, a brochure, and an order form. Today, marketers use multi-mailers in which multiple flyers pertaining to different products are sent out. Highly advanced direct mailing packages constitute gifts, gift vouchers, and sometimes a sample of the product. With direct mailing, there is a provision to present as much information as the marketers want about their product or service in the brochure, the sales letter. Also, repeat mailings can be exploited to either sell the same products or to sell other related products.

An individual’s life is inundated with numerous ads every day both online and offline. This makes it hard for people to decide which brand to trust and which product to buy. This is what makes a direct mail ad stand out from other advertisements. You are directly reaching out to your prospects and explaining why they need to consider your service. If you are looking for outsourcing your direct mail marketing so that you can focus on other marketing techniques, then it is imperative to find a full-service direct mail marketing company that will get the job done for you.

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