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What type of magnets can be used in toys?

In the modern world, even children can’t stay far from getting involved in technology. Their toys are nowadays are completely integrated. No matter, if you have bought even a single doll or maybe a car for your child, it bears magnet in them. If we turn towards advancement, you will not be much shocked to hear that the robotics or the versatile building blocks or maybe the indoor ludo and scrabble games are even not free from magnetic induction. This not only brings ease of interest inactivity but also shower lots of hazards for your child’s health. Hence, the right choice of the toy is very important here. The most suitable articles from magnet manufacturer especially for toys are as under:


Although they can be fatal if engulfed, yet they are used widely because of the mechanical strength and properties. Moreover, today, Ndfeb is plated and used. This offers protection up to much extent.


These are commonly used in automatic and remote-controlled cars. They are based on solenoid setup and quite safer to use.


This is used sometimes in digital gaming toys. They are also fine to use by children.

Magnets can be dangerous to children if swallowed. Regularly check that magnets are securely attached or embedded in the toy, and supervise young children when playing with magnetic toys.


Although, magnets are very sensitive articles for children, but their importance cannot be ignored for the mental growth of a child. It is far better to offer them enough knowledge about toxicities. Moreover, whenever you buy a toy, you must check the age limit design by the manufacturers to stay safe and sound. In case of any incident, you must be alert enough to take immediate steps:

  • Try to maintain the consciousness of your child
  • Contact health care center or in severe condition, rush to the hospital
  • Always remember, you can’t stop the dangers, all you have to do is be alert because even these small parts of the magnet are important to make them learn new things.

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