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How Does Sitelock Website Security Work?

Over the last decade, there has been a marked increase in the number of websites being launched and online attacks by hackers and cybercriminals. Therefore, site owners have started focusing more on on-site security to make users feel more secure while browsing and protecting site data. While buying a good web hosting plan is crucial to ensure the safety of the server, using the right security tools can help protect your site against such threats. Today, we will be talking about one such tool, SiteLock Website Security, and look at how it works.

What is SiteLock Website Security?

SiteLock is a cloud-based website security tool. When you install SiteLock, you can scan, identify, and remove viruses and malware with ease.

How does SiteLock Website Security work?

SiteLock Security offers the following features that make it an ideal security tool for your site:

Comprehensive Scans

One of the most basic functions of SiteLock is that it scans the website every day. Via these scans, SiteLock tries to identify security loopholes or vulnerabilities. The scan includes:

  • A malware scan where the tool tries to look for more than 10 million threats stops the malware from executing. It ensures that your site is not impacted.
  • It has an updated spam database and scans the website’s IP address and domain name against it. If SiteLock identifies an issue, then it immediately notifies you.
  • The database, operating system, and applications are also scanned to help identify any security vulnerabilities
  • Open ports are means to communicate with a webserver. SiteLock scans all open ports and ensures that all ports that you do not use are closed.
  • It also scans your website for traces of SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

SMART™ scan

SiteLock offers various plans to site owners. Some plans include Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool or SMART(TM) scan.

It uses FTP to scan your website and remove any harmful code.


When you buy a SiteLock plan, you also get a True Shield Firewall. A firewall is your site’s primary defense against hackers. Hence, it is important to keep online attacks at bay.

DDoS attack Protection

Many hackers use a Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack to overwhelm the webserver and gain unauthorized access to the website. With SiteLock, you receive DDoS attack protection.


Once the scans mentioned above have run successfully, SiteLock will display a seal of trust on the website. The site visitors can see the seal and know that your site was scanned for viruses and malware today and can browse safely. It helps in establishing trust with online users and boosts your site’s SEO score.

Summing Up

As you can see, SiteLock offers 360-degree protection to websites. While traditionally, most site owners believed that they don’t need to bother about site security if they are not offering financial transactions on their website. However, in today’s times, all kinds of websites are targeted by hackers. Therefore, it is important to use the best tools to keep your site secure. Tools like SiteLock can help you protect your site from most online threats.



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