The automated vending machine: the advantages for retailers and employers

vending machine

When introducing a new product on the market, you must make it visible. You can always use the classic medium of advertisement, but an automated retail vendor in Quebec may be what you need. It will require very little investment and you will be able to hit your target market more efficiently.

Less expensive and more profitable

There are quite a few aspects that motivate retailers to sell their goods via a vending machine. To start, it would have to be the cost. It is less expensive than renting a store to display the products and then maybe pay somebody to help you sell them. The automated vendor helps retailers to reduce expenses and costs. The other very interesting aspect would have to be the revenue in respect to the space that is required to show your articles.

Easier to manage and reduced theft

The concept is attracting more businesses because these machines are easy to manage. The goods should be sufficiently stocked on a regular basis and there are no payment problems since the item must be bought before it can be accessed. Another encouraging point may be the fact there is reduced shrinkage and theft as the goods are protected.

More customers and brand awareness

Selling goods via vending machines placed in retailing sites can target more consumers. The concept can be advised for store owners who would want to develop their network. Moreover, it can promote brand awareness and increase its availability to a wider public. At Toujours Ouvert in Montreal, they may find the right vending machine to sell your product.

Well-fed and improved productivity

An automated vendor can also be advantageous to the company that decides to place it on its premises. In general, employers decide to place such machines to help their employees with lunch and water needs. This can be very helpful on days that they do not bring their own lunch. Thanks to today’s new generation warm food vending systems, employees may enjoy buying food at the office. Not forgetting that a person works better on a full stomach, which can improve his productivity. And an energy boost from tea or coffee bought from the vending machine can help too.

Stay at the office for lunch

Having a vending machine or two in the workplace, can encourage employees to stay at the office during his breaks. Hence, this will increase better work relationship and it will prevent them from exceeding the time given for lunch breaks. Sometimes when they have lunch outside the workplace, employees tend to lose track of time and may therefore get back late to work. This can influence employee productivity and the meeting of deadlines.

The time it takes to make coffee and tea

Employers also know the time an employee can save by buying a cup of coffee or tea from a vending machine instead of making one from scratch. The quicker it takes for him to get his hot beverage ready, the faster he can return to his desk to get back to work.

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