Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need To Track And Trace Their Products

Tracking and tracing products is important for all companies that sell goods. It is even more important for companies that are dealing with the health industry. Medical equipment can be dangerous in the wrong hands and medicine can be dangerous in the wrong hands as well. In order to avoid mishaps, it’s up to pharmaceutical companies to properly manage the products they are producing. Proper management includes everything from properly creating the medicine, to the tracking and tracing of the product once production has completed. Pharmaceutical companies may need to tack and trace their products in order to keep up with inventory, reduce chances of counterfeiting, and quickly react to recalls.

Keeping Up With Inventory

Pharmaceutical companies manufacture loads of pills. It is important to maintain control of this type of production. The best way to stay on top of what is created is to serialize the products. Keeping up with inventory can help pharmaceutical companies know where their pills are going and how many they have shipped out. Companies will then also have a count of how many containers of each pill has been sent out and whether more need to be produced.

Reduce Chances Of Counterfeiting

Medication can be quite expensive. For those who do not have insurance it can be even harder to get your hands on the pills you need for survival. Counterfeit pros are aware of these cases, and it provides an opportunity for them to make a profit. All they need is the image of a pill and they can create something that looks extremely similar. These fake pills can be harmful to the purchaser because no one can trace the origin of these pills or vouch for the ingredients in them.

Quickly React To Recalls

Without serial numbers, recalls can be hard to track. Serial numbers allow pharmaceutical companies to follow their products and have the ability to pull them immediately if a recall is in place. Serialization makes it possible to pull all shipments, no matter the location. Pill companies can also pull the exact amount of shipments based on the dates of when the pills were created, surrounding the defect. None of this would be possible without a system in place to track the inventory. Pill companies that want to run a more efficient operation should consider a pharmaceutical serialization company.

Pharmaceutical companies want to maintain control of their products so they don’t wind up in the wrong hands. They put forth lots of effort to protect society, from placing the safety caps to avoid children getting to them, to placing serial numbers on the pills to link them with a name, origin, and location. Retailers take the extra step and keep their pharmacies locked down and all over the counter pills come with a safety seal so customers can know that the product has not been tampered with. Pharmaceutical companies can work much more efficiently by contracting with a serialization company. Serialization helps companies keep up with inventory, reduce counterfeiting, and react quickly to recalls.


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