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Top 5 Must-haves To Stay Connected With Friends From Home During The Pandemic

The pandemic has been an extremely tough phase for everyone. The last two years have been one of the most challenging ones that our generation had to endure. However, we’ve found ways to stay connected, to not drift away from our loved ones and that’s what has kept our spirit going.

After all this time, as we were gearing back to return to the normal world, or “New Normal” as some would call it, the pandemic has hit upon us once again. And now, we might have to continue working from home while maintaining social distancing and finding more ways to connect with our friends and family.

Well, a lot of people are currently staying with their families. So, the ones you need to virtually connect with are essentially your friends. And today, we’ll be talking about our top 5 items that are a must-have to maintain a seamless connection with your beloved buddies.

  1. A More Affordable Mobile Plan

What’s the one thing you use the most to stay connected with your friends? Even before the pandemic, it’s what kept you in the loop of what’s happening in your friends’ lives when you were at home. That’s right, it’s a phone!

And how will a phone be of any use without a working prepaid or postpaid plan? With the current situation, you don’t just need any plan, but a more affordable plan that offers unlimited calling and internet.

And when that’s the topic of discussion, the first sim card company that comes to our mind is Airtel. Not only does Airtel offer some of the best Prepaid plans, but it also has impeccable customer support that resolves all your issues quickly.

Some of our favorites from the brand are the Rs 299 plan for 28 days and the Rs 719 plan with 84 days validity, both of which comes with truly unlimited calling and 1.5Gb data per day.

  1. A Stable Wi-Fi Connection

Although you might have the best mobile network, it doesn’t hurt to have a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection. After all, how would you stream all the amazing content you love so much. And with so much time at hand, that’s the first thing that comes to our mind.

Good Wi-Fi also means lots of screen time with your friends, whether it’s video calls over Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or some other app. With a strong Wi-Fi, you can also play online games and have some virtual fun with your friends.

  1. Socially Distanced Movie Nights

We’re all desperately missing movie nights. Hanging out with friends, watching the same movie, giving our “expert opinions” on the film. None of this can be replaced. This is why apps like Netflix Party and Rave have come to your rescue.

Now have the best of social distanced movie nights, all from the comfort of your home. Simply download Netflix Party, Rave or any other app and you can now watch your Netflix or Amazon Prime movies and series real-time, with your friends.

What’s more? You can also chat with them on the app while sharing your two cents about the film.

  1. Apps That Keep You Connected

Mobile applications have been a savior in making sure we stay connected to our loved ones. Whether it’s messaging apps like “WhatsApp”, new age connectivity apps like “Discord” or even virtual game and party apps like “House Party”.

So, get those apps installed and start playing and partying with your friends virtually. You can play simple games like Ludo for old times sake, or even try out Among Us which gained popularity in 2020.

  1. Alexa Assistance

Another very important thing to have in your house is Alexa. At a time when you shouldn’t touch a lot of things and stay away from people, Alexa will surely help you. Whether it’s getting things done at home or staying connected with your friends.

Simply ask Alexa to turn on the TV or AC and enjoy the benefits without lifting a finger. Or, ask Alexa to call your friends and connect with them online.

Did we miss out on anything? What would your top 5 must-have items be?

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